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You may be aware our suburb of Castlecrag has a Community Centre down the driveway on the corner of The Postern and The Rampart.

This centre is utilised primarily by the Kindergarten Union (KU) kindergarten during the day from Mondays to Fridays during the school terms. It also houses a sub-branch of the Willoughby City Library which operates on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings – details of the operating hours are indicated on the notice board at the top of the driveway entrance to the centre. There is a small car park available for visitors to the centre.

At present the centre is used for a variety of local resident interest group meetings, including the Castlecrag Conservation Society and the Castlecrag Progress Association. It is also used as a voting booth for elections.

The centre is also available for use by local residents for private functions including children’s’ birthday parties and larger family and community gatherings for weekend day and evening functions. It serves sometimes as a back up for The Haven shows if weather is inclement.

Hire of the hall currently costs $50 for a child’s party and $100 for an evening function. A cleaning bond may be payable as well. For adults wishing to use the hall where alcohol may be served, additional insurance may be necessary at the hirer’s expense. Some restrictions apply for the use of the hall – these include hours of availability, the use of alcohol on the premises, security and insurance.

A small kitchen is situated in the Community Centre. The centre has a wide range of facilities including air-conditioning, reheating of food in a reasonable sized kitchen, refrigeration, tables, chairs and an outside children’s’ playground with climbing equipment.

If you are interested in booking the centre, further details can be obtained by contacting the booking officer, Warwick Hutchinson on 99584230.

Warwick Hutchinson