General Meeting Wednesday 20 November 2019  –  8:00 pm

To be held at the Willoughby Park Bowling Club – Roberts St, East Willoughby

The owner/developer of The Quadrangle (Dr Quek’s company Greencliff) has offered to have each of the three competing design teams present their entry to attendees. Each design team will be given 15 minutes to describe the key elements of their design. Greencliff has advised that the designers will not be in a position to answer questions.

Greencliff will be putting the designs on display at the Quadrangle between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm during the weekend of 16 and 17 November. The designers will not be present for this display. I encourage everyone to go and have a look at the designs before the Meeting on the 20th.

Following the design team presentations, the group of four concerned residents who prepared the Principles document will present the rationale behind their document. It should be noted that these Principles relate to the shopping centre as a whole, not just the Quadrangle. They will take questions and I understand that there will be a motion from the floor asking that the Meeting endorse the document.

Please note, the Meeting is to be a meeting of the residents of Castlecrag and nearby suburbs. It is being organised and run by CPA but is not, in and of itself, a meeting of CPA members. Accordingly, any motion from the floor may be voted on by any person present, NOT just CPA members and any such motion will be the majority view of the Meeting.  CPA’s role is to facilitate the free and comprehensive flow of information both to and from all interested parties, including Willoughby Council, the residents and business owners, and the developer.

We are proud of Castlecrag. It stands on a beautiful peninsula jutting into Sydney’s Middle Harbour and, through its strong sense of community and unique heritage, much of its special natural character and internationally significant built heritage has been retained. To the people of Castlecrag, their place is very special indeed!

Fascinating history

Much of Castlecrag’s unusual layout, its preserved bushland and even aspects of its traditions and character are due to Walter Burley Griffin and his wife Marion Mahony Griffin. These American architects came to Australia in 1914, having won an international competition to design Australia’s national capital, Canberra. The true genesis of Castlecrag was in the 1920s, when the Griffins developed it to be a “model suburb” in which the houses and landscape should be in harmony with each other. Click here for further information on the Griffin heritage and Castlecrag’s history.

Unique Suburban Bushland

Castlecrag derives its special character from the conservation of its natural environment. It is a suburb of some 1100 houses located only 7 kilometres from Sydney’s central business district, but its careful planning and conservation of the natural bushland enable its residents to enjoy the suburb’s rich diversity of fauna and flora and wander through hectares of healthy Australian bushland. Click here to learn about Castlecrag’s natural environment and the conservation efforts of its residents.

This section also provides a link to the Castlecrag Local Plant Guide, a high quality pamphlet published by the Progress Association to develop awareness among residents of the indigenous flora of the peninsula and how they can obtain planting material for their gardens.

Magic Places

Our community newsletter The Crag has initiated a new occasional feature ‘Magic Places’ that provides an opportunity for readers to send in photographs of special features or sites in Castlecrag that have special meaning to the community or stand out as places of beauty. Click here to see our ‘Magic Places’.