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Some of you may have noticed work occurring at the Community Centre if you happened to vote there on Polling Day.

A new roof was installed over the Christmas period. Water from the new roof is to be collected in an 8000 litre water tank, plumbed into the toilets and for use on the garden. Additional work is also underway. Over the Easter break a pair of windows on the Southern wall will be converted into doors. These new doors will lead onto what should be a delightful new timber deck. There will be new storage sheds for the Centre’s tables and chairs.

The narrow western side will be landscaped and a path put in which will provide access to the bushland and rock ledges below the centre. This bushland has been quite inaccessible for many years and has some weed issues. The new access will facilitate Council and Community Bush Carers getting to work on the area. In time it may well form another bush track link down to Warners Park.

It is envisaged these works will be completed before the end of May.

Adrian Cox

Ward Councillor, Sailors Bay.