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To resident and visitor alike, The Bulwark links them with nature as it meanders through the bushland, thereby presenting one of Castlecrag's most appealing streets. Bob McKillop photo.

The inaugural Sustainability Street meeting for residents of the Bulwark and adjoining streets, was held on Sunday, 12 March at the Haven Ampitheatre.

The Bulwark is the first street in Castlecrag to participate in the Sustainability Street program which is supported by Willoughby Council. The objective is to get people together to learn about ecological sustainability and to implement initiatives in their communities to achieve a more “earth friendly” environment now, and for future generations.

Broadly speaking, the three key areas of focus are Water, Waste and Energy. These three areas encompass a vast range of topics which will be covered in “bite-sized” pieces as the program unfolds. For example, most participants at our meeting indicated rainwater tanks were one of their key areas of interest. In May, our guest speaker will present on the subject of rainwater tanks looking at concepts such as what is available on the market, rebates from Sydney Water and the procedures and processes for getting the tanks installed.

So whether its rainwater tanks, Biodiversity and its relationship to our Castlecrag environment, or simply which household cleaners are more environmentally friendly, Sustainability Street has something for everyone.

Meetings for The Bulwark and adjoining streets will be held at the Haven Ampitheatre on the last Sunday of each month at 3pm. The topic for our 30 April meeting will be an Introduction to Sustainability Street, with guest speaker Erika Van Shelleback from Willoughby Council, who is also our mentor for the program.

All interested residents of Castlecrag are also invited to come along to the meeting to find out what Sustainability Street is all about and to discover its benefits to our Castlecrag community.

Contacts for Sustainability Street in The Bulwark are: Judy 9958 7981, Lorraine 9958 1213, Janet 9958 7723, Jill 9967 4933 and Robyn 9967 0634.