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It is a Castlecrag tradition that every Christmas Eve, Carols by Candlelight is presented by the Haven Amphitheatre Management Committee.

It’s a Castlecrag tradition that every Christmas Eve the weather is fine and a wonderful time is had by all.

Alas, tradition was not traditional in 2004.

It rained!

Then it presented us with an urban myth. Now the story of this needs to be told and told well, that is best done by the Castlecrag poet lorikeet! Just down from the high country to spin the yarn for you wondering readers of The Crag and give you the mail on what really happened on that special night at the Haven.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa yelled “Yike!”,
“My reindeer have colic; my Helpers on strike
“We’ll have to move Christmas to ’round Easter time,
“I’ll postpone all Carols to give me some time!”
He called out to Heaven: “My patience is worn,
Don’t do nothin’ violent, – just send in a storm!

Down south, in Australia, at Castlecrag’s ‘Haven’,
the volunteer stagecrew were all misbehavin’;
The sound-desk was booming, the lights all blazed bright;
The carolers’ harmonies shone in full flight.
When in rolled the stormclouds, with Donner & Blitzen,
“We’re all gunna drown” cried the raven-haired vixen;
“A second front’s coming, due ’round about seven;
What have we done wrong to be so cursed by Heaven?!”
So sadly the stagecrew packed all gear away
and sat below stage to brood glum on the fray.

But meteor’logical science, it seems;
failed to account for the power of dreams;
Two local Crag families from over the foam,
had flown in grandparents to see their new home.
And come to The Haven to sing, laugh and carol,
not knowing the storms had forced plans to unravel.
Then elves and bush spirits waked under the stage,
and heard these two groups sing from young to the aged.
Crept out from the bushes (to all folks’ surprise!)
and fashioned a Caroling ‘fore their own eyes.
Just voices! – no music, no sleighbells were rung;
Just voices: “Orana” (Let’s Welcome) was sung.
And candles and songbooks, and more and more souls,
emerged out of nowhere like orchids and quolls.
Then as the black stormfront slewed off to the North,
what should then a’happen? Yes, – Santa came forth!

With a “Ho” to the left, and a “Ho” to the right;
and a “HoHo” small lolly for eyes shining bright..
Then rellies from Norway and Yorkshire and Rome,
Told stories of Christmas Eve happ’nings “back home”.
‘Til finally the last of the eventide light,
slipped westward and left us in candle-lit night.
So singers and families left sharing good cheer,
Singing “Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

Bruce Wilson/Harold Rubie