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The previous issue of The Crag highlighted the problem of vandalism, or at best thoughtlessness, in Griffin Reserves caused by those who value harbour view over all else and serves as a vigilance call to all of us who treasure Castlecrag’s bushland heritage.

Restoration of The Buttress Reserve has been achieved through careful consultation and planning, hard work and financial contributions of adjoining residents working with Council’s bush regenerator, Pamela Batters – a lovely Yorkshire lass.

Over the past five years Pamela’s skill and sheer, hard physical work has transformed what was essentially a devastated, bamboo-infested wasteland into natural bushland complete with a dry, rock-lined creek that solves adjoining neighbours water run-off problems. Before planting was commenced all immediate neighbours were consulted extensively on the scale and form of flora so that views would not be impeded. Species were limited to those that would not exceed 6 metres and it was agreed that self-sown “mongrel” eucalypts would be removed if they threatened views and used for mulch.

Careful selection and placement of small trees and shrubs, generally no more than 2-3 metres in height, and their nurturing from tube stage by Pamela in a labour of love has created a place of natural beauty complemented by some quite remarkable rock formations. Her inspirational work has had other unforeseen spin-offs in the immediate community, enthusing adjoining neighbours to clear and plant their gardens empathetically with native flora.

Wanton destruction of her caring, considered work was devastating and almost destroyed Pamela’s motivation to continue, but I am pleased to report that she was back on the job in The Buttress Reserve this week, removing invading weeds and continuing her good work for the benefit of our community. We are indeed fortunate to have such a motivated person as Pamela working for us, and she deserves our support and vigilance in nurturing and protecting Castlecrag’s very special and unique bushland heritage.

John Steel